Friday, September 20, 2013

Reflection to Birth of Cinema Blog Post

I wrote in this style because I think that any man from that time period would be very impressed by the story, effects and length of the film. He probably would've seen other short movies through kinetoscopes that he could compare The (?) Motorist to. I chose The (?) Motorist because I thought the effects were very cool and well done for its time. I also thought that it told a fun and interesting story that left several questions for the viewer to ask themselves. How can the car fly? How can the driver survive in open space? How does it change into a carriage and then back into a car? And of course, is it a motorist?

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Birth of Cinema Blog Post

The (?) Motorist was an incredible movie! The movie was much more elaborate than the short ones I see at the kinetoscope parlor. At first, I thought that the car would simply drive on the road the entire time, like most motor vehicles do. But to my amazement, the car suddenly began driving up the side of a building! Incredible! Then, if the car couldn't be any more magical, it suddenly begins to fly over the rooftops of the city below. And then, it rides the rings of Saturn in outer space! Of course, as an educated gentleman, I know that an actual motor vehicle isn't capable of these feats. But the film just made it look so real! After walking out of the screening, I was stunned at the great effects and the dramatic yet comedic story. I can definitely say that after seeing this film, I am certainly forced to question the tile, just as the question mark suggests.